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Ebola As many of you know, we’ve been working in Liberia for a few years. The people we care about are at risk. Their friends, their families, their jobs are all at risk. The future of the country is at risk.

Sometimes (around the world) we feel so far away from these issues but this one in particular isn’t up to governments and the UN or MSF alone, this is a battle we all can do something about. Ebola isn’t a smart virus, the main reason(s) it’s spreading so rapidly is because of lack of knowledge about the disease and lack of access to the basic hygiene and practices that will prevent its spread.

It’s just a matter of time until this pops up in other African countries.

Here’s a group on the ground that is taking things into their own hands (our TIMBY collaborators for the last three years). 100% of donations will go straight into the pledges. Check out their website and donate.