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Timby in person

Timby is a collaboration between activists, journalists, technologists and designers


Founder & CEO

Anjali is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker. In addition to leading Timby, Anjali has worked for Nature, Reuters, the BBC, CBC and Al Jazeera. Anjali has M.Sc in Environmental Science from Oxford and an M.Sc from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism.


Timby Media / Advisory

Felix is the VP and architect of First Look Media. Previously, he worked as engineer at Dow Jones, the New York Times, and the New Republic. His expertise comes in engineering to storytelling and integration with media organisations.


Timby Finance / Advisory

Giulia is an experienced professional with great track record in seeding, rolling out and growing several ventures, including Deliveroo, Medicanimal, Spring Place and Floom. Previously she was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs.


Privacy and Security

Pete is an expert in cryptography, web-space security and privacy preservation. Pete works at the BITS Networked Systems Laboratory at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). His background is in political science, economics and law.


Timby Engineering / Advisory

David has over ten years of experience growing technology projects. Dave was previously the Director of Engineering at Fwd.us the VP of Engineering at Samasource.org.


Timby Activism / Advisory

Silas is one of the most well decorated campaigners for environmental issues and social justice in Africa. His Liberian NGO has won multiple global awards for their work. Silas holds an MA in Globalisation and Social Change from Kimmage in Ireland.


Front End

Suzie has a background in frontend development and over 20 years of experience on web projects. She manages the Timby frontend code and user experience.


System Administrator

Daniel brings 15 years of cloud architecture experience to Timby, helping to ensure the highest availability of the platform, in order to create the best possible customer experience.



Adam has over two decades of experience developing web applications, primarily in the patient education space. His knowledge of backend architecture is second only to his mastery of movie trivia.


Back End

A passionate web programmer having 10+ years of experience in Web Development. I have experience creating high-performing web application architectures from scratch for different devices types (Desktop, Tablet, SmartPhone) and understanding their behaviors and bottlenecks.



James is a security-oriented developer with more than five years experience making applications for mobile and tablet devices. He holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science and an MSc in Telecommunication Innovation and Development from Strathmore University.


Community Manager

Josée manages and facilitates learning for our communities in South America, Africa, and Asia. She has a Bachelor's degree in Management and over 10 years of experience creating educational content, managing projects, and facilitating trainings.


Digital Designer

Tom Parkes is a digital designer from First + Foremost, specialising in UX, UI, branding and illustration. Efficient and easygoing, he aims to build open and informal collaborations to reach mutual ambitions.



Sona keeps Timby running smoothly, financially. Her background is in Management (Bachelor's) and Finance & Control (Master's from University Jean Moulin Lyon 3).


Project Manager, Indonesia

Ayu Kusuma’s background is in law and environmental advocacy with a focus on human rights and local wisdom. She formerly worked for WALHI, one of Indonesia’s biggest and most well-known environmental NGOs, running campaigns and public engagement. Ayu runs Timby’s projects in Indonesia.


Project Manager, Latin America

Miguel has experience coordinating grassroots projects in Latin America. With a background in Social Sciences and IT, he is managing Timby projects across Latin America. Miguel believes that technology should serve the people.


Project Manager, Colombia

Juan is an environmental engineer and defender of human and environmental rights in Colombia. He has managed sustainability projects with rural and urban communities for more than fie years.


Monitoring Facilitator, Protibesh

Shuvra has a Masters' degree in Forestry from the University of Chittagong. He's leading Protibesh's moderation work for Timby.


Project Manager, Brazil

Alissa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and has 5 years of experience working with social projects in Latin America. She’s based in Pernambuco, Brazil and she manages relationship with Portuguese-speaking communities at Timby.


Project Manager, West Africa

Arthur manages Timby partnerships in West Africa, out of the Sustainable Development Institute in Monrovia, Liberia. Arthur has a degree in Information Systems and Economics from The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business.


Project Manager, East Africa

Kipchumba manages Timby projects in East Africa. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Education (Computer and Mathematics) from The University of Eldoret. Currently, he is pursuing a Masters degree at Moi University.