Timby Timby

Reporting App

Our encrypted app allows on-the-ground reporting anywhere in the world


Easy to use

Icon-based and colour-coded for quick reports on the fly

Be safe

Password-protected, encrypted and innocuous design

For every occasion

Take and send photos, video & audio

Keep Track

Tag your report by sector, person or company for easy searches

Sync automatically

Sync reports via your mobile phone over wifi or data plan

Slow internet?

Export reports via encrypted zip files to upload later

Reports on the sly

Custom widget allows quick & easy reports without sign-in

Full Specifications

  • GPS automatically records location
  • Built-in video tutorials
  • Change API url to use with any app
  • Automatic logout after 5 minutes
  • Compatible with Orbot Proxy from the TOR Project
  • Record video, audio or take photos
  • Easy sync with web dashboard
  • Record of all reports kept in app
  • Encryption
  • Export encrypted zip file to SD card

Investigation dashboard

Investigation dashboard helps verify and compare reports from the app


Instant Search

Reports appear as you type

Filter by sector, tag and verification

Quickly connect seemingly remote reports

Location is Sacred

The location of reports cannot be adjusted

Correct and Verify

Adjust spelling, add tags and finalize descriptions before verifying the report

Map view

See all reports plotted on a map

Map layers

Add layers to the map to give context to reports

Full Specifications

  • Built with WordPress and Angular JS
  • Instant search and filters
  • Upload reports straight to dashboard
  • Built-in analytics to monitor use
  • Encryption to keep data safe
  • Metadata stripped from reports to protect sources

Storytelling Tool

Narrative is powerful. It helps spread your message. Our tool helps you build narrative.


Shows only verified reports

Your stories only include vetted documents and reports

Easy drag and drop creation

Just drag in what you want, leave what you don't

Flexible building blocks

Add in content or reports, arrange and rearrange at will

Filter and search reports

Curate the perfect selection

Control your stories

Publish stories to your main site, as press releases, or as embeds into your social media feeds.

Monitor your Impact

Built-in analytics to trace your stories