Timby For Journalism

30 March 2017

It always takes a while for new technology to really 'stick' but in this case, it's worth it. By Ashoka Mukpo

Women’s Groups Are Turning To Timby

17 January 2017

How ICT can empower women to participate in community resource management decision-making.

Supporting The World’s Invisible Change Makers

20 October 2016

The groups who are making a difference in development during emergencies.

How To Save A Forest

17 April 2016

Making Technology-Based Natural Resource Monitoring in Liberia a Reality in SDI.

Timby Protecting Old Growth Forests

01 March 2016

Liberia's Sustainable Development Institute is using TIMBY to save primary forests from palm oil encroachment.

An Invitation To Sign Up

05 October 2015

There are a few different ways to get involved with TIMBY. Learn how TIMBY can work for you.

Perimeter Defense

16 September 2015

TIMBY presented as part of technologies that can be used to combat illegal logging.

Timby For Corruption Reporting

04 September 2015

TIMBY presented at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Malaysia.

Timby At The Skoll World Forum

17 April 2015

TIMBY was part of the Stories of Change program, helping change data into stories at the Skoll World Forum.

Ebola Reporting Using Timby

25 August 2014

Timby is on the ground in Liberia. Read about TIMBY's experience and how we are trying to help.

Ebola How You Can Help

20 August 2014

The people we care about are at risk. The threat of Ebola is spreading, but we can all help to stop it.

Ebola Update

01 August 2014

An update on where we are with Ebola in Liberia today. Read about what TIMBY is seeing.

Timby At Good Pitch

17 June 2014

We pitched TIMBY and the accompanying film project Logs of War at Good Pitch New York.

Timby At The Tribeca Film Festival

20 April 2014

We presented TIMBY at The Tribeca Film Institute’s Interactive Day. Watch the video here!